TALENT - Teaching and Learning Education for New Teachers
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1: Introduction

2: Principals of Adult

3: How Do People

4: Planning for

5: Clinical Teaching

6: Teaching in the
    Ambulatory Setting

7: Teaching in the
    Inpatient Setting

8: The Art and Science     of Effective

9: Learning in Small

10: General Principles
     of Evaluation

11: Clinical Evaluation

12: Construction of

13: Giving Feedback

Final Thoughts




Welcome to TALENT!


    TALENT was created for faculty and resident physicians with teaching responsibilities in addition to their clinical responsibilities.


    Medical school faculty receive rigorous training as physicians, but they are not prepared for their teaching roles.

    Residents are the primary teachers of medical students in the clinical curriculum. Residents receive no preparation for this role.


    TALENT is presented as modules. Each takes approximately 20 minutes or less to complete. This is about the attention span for most adults.

    Each 20-minute module is designed to give you basic knowledge and skills. We encourage you to incorporate the information into your teaching. Look for ways you can change your teaching, and then assess how the changes worked and how additional changes might make your teaching even more effective.

    When you complete TALENT, print off the application form and submit it as instructed. You will receive a TALENT Certificate of Completion from the University of Missouri School of Medicine, Office of Medical Education.

    TALENT is the property of the Office of Medical Education and the authors. It is not for sale. It was developed in the interest of effective teaching. Please do not copy the material.

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TALENT: Teaching and Learning Education for New Teachers